The company "MR Group" LTD was founded in 2007. The company privately held company specializing in the supply of services in the field of fire safety to corporate and private clients

Design of fire safety systems


Fire safety systems

Fire alarm (Analog / addressable systems) / Water-extinguishing (Sprinkler, Fire Cabinets, Fire hydrants) / Gas extinguishing FM 200 / Sparkling shut-off

Services of fire extinguishers

Dry powder / Carbondioxide(CO2) / Foam extinguishers

Smoke exhaust systems

Fan / Smoke dampers / Ventilation grilles / Automatic system control (controllers)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Vrv Systems / Chillers (Air Cooled And Water Cooled) / Fan Coil / Ahu / Boiler / Special Types Air Ducts

Electrical systems

Dual Stabilization / High Speed Cable / Dual Lighting / Electrical Equipment Building / Ups System / Central Panels Loading

Water supply

PPR, PVC, HDPE, Steel Pipes Installation / Fire Pump House / Water Supply Pump House

Security systems

Alarm / Turnstiles / Bolard / Access Control / Smart Home

Weak current systems

Communication Lines (Telephone, Internet and etc.) / Television and SMATV / Audio Systems / CCTV / Security Systems / Parking Control and Barrier Protection Systems

Completed Project


Years Expereince



Licenses and certificates